Ice Man Damned

Oetzi, or human ice, as he was known, was found on the summit of Mount between Austria and Italy in 1991. Over the next 13 years, seven of which relate to temuannnya, were killed. In some cases, their deaths seem like ordinary death, but the death of four of them quite bizarre or tragic.

The first death occurred in 1992 when Rainer Henn, the forensic pathologist who save Oetzi into a body bag with his bare hands, were killed in a car crash on the way to a world conference to discuss the Ice Man. Next, Kurt Fritz, the mountain guide who led Henn to Oetzi, and the open face of Oetzi, died buried by landslides. Number three, whose mem-movie-the discovery of Oetzi, died of a brain tumor.

The list of victims is getting creepy: Helmut Simon, who with his wife was the one who first discovered the Ice Man, disappeared for 8 days in 2004. When his body was found face down in a pile of ice, where he had fallen from the cliffs as high as 300 feet. Dieter Warnecke, head of the rescue team that discovered Helmut, died from a heart attack after the burial Helmut Sjam.

Man number six, Konrad Spindler, died from complications caused by Multiple Sclerosis six months after the quotation propagated “In my opinion, this incident just rubbish. This is only made in the media only. You will say that I’m the next victim. ”

The seventh and last (so far) is 2005: Tom Loy, a scientist who discovered human blood on the clothing and weapon Oetzi died of a blood disease derivative. These events are usually considered to be nothing more than a natural death, but not if the fact that he was diagnosed in 1992, one year after starting work with the Ice Man. Based on these events, maybe you will become the next victim for reading this article!

Evidence shows that the Ice Man experienced violent end, shot with an arrow before the head slap hard. So basically, Oetzi is a classic murder victims are left in the mountains to become a mummy in an unmarked grave. macam dan jenis thickening agent atau zat pengental