Keith Moon
This is the man who sat behind the drum set The Who. If he was not born to be a rockstar, he did many great things to be a rockstar.

Things are done a rockstar 2000s, already dikerjakanMoon without doubt in the glorious era of The Who. He ruined hotel, taking horse tranquilizers and war cake naked. Ah, that’s it? Certainly not.

Once, Moon already in the taxi cab driver sent back to the hotel. He said he forgot something. Moon ran into a hotel room that night lived, throwing the television out the window to the pool. Then he returned to the taxi, said, “I almost forgot.” history of BMW

Signature is Moon who still remembered when he blew up a toilet. That is, he really sticks of dynamite. It makes it forbidden to set foot in the hotel Holiday Inn, Sheraton and Hilton worldwide.