1. Liam and Noel Gallagher
Kelakuan Gila owned Musicians in DuniaIni her two brothers who take full responsibility for Oasis, the band’s success also reap hatred of many people. Rough and too outspoken, Liam and Noel Gallagher often makes people upset with their comments and statements.

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The most memorable of course when they expressed the hope that the personnel especially Damon Albarn Blur, AIDS. Rocker is often said that the opinion is not important. Daftar Harga Vga Nvidia High End

One that makes Gallagher brothers are difficult to deal with their own feud. Exclaimed may initially followed, but gradually so ridiculous. In fact, they often fight itself, with a cricket bat or throwing other goods.

2. DMX
Hip hop has long been known to be close to the gangster story, sharp weapon or weapons volcano, drugs and other things creepy. Rapper DMX seems to mean it permeates life.

DMX ‘collect’ the criminal list is quite long, which will make you tired of reading it. That list included having illegal substances, possession of weapons without permission, violence against animals, driving without a license, has banned substances (again), impersonation, (still) have banned substances, imitating a secret agent, carjacking, (still) have a banned substance and once again, had a banned substance.

3. Keith Moon
This is the man who sat behind the drum set The Who. If he was not born to be a rockstar, he did many great things to be a rockstar.

Things are done a rockstar 2000s, already dikerjakanMoon without doubt in the glorious era of The Who. He ruined hotel, taking horse tranquilizers and war cake naked. Ah, that’s it? Certainly not.

Once, Moon already in the taxi cab driver sent back to the hotel. He said he forgot something. Moon ran into a hotel room that night lived, throwing the television out the window to the pool. Then he returned to the taxi, said, “I almost forgot.”

Signature is Moon who still remembered when he blew up a toilet. That is, he really sticks of dynamite. It makes it forbidden to set foot in the hotel Holiday Inn, Sheraton and Hilton worldwide.

4. Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne is not only the band’s frontman, but also figure rockstar to be feared not only humans, but also animals. He takes the head of the bat. Osbourne said that ordinary doll, but who knows?

Drugs becomes very ordinary. Osbourne had been drunk in the street, making his wife Sharon was forced to scramble to the police station because of her husband’s waste water at the site of the funeral soldiers.
Osbourne forbidden to enter the area of San Antonio for 10 years as a result of his behavior is considered destructive. Oh, do not forget he also had held a knife to his wife, threatening to kill him.
Ever thought about how tired his wife’s face Ozzy Osbourne?

5. Iggy Pop
There are two phases experienced by Iggy Pop: drug phase and phase-after-drugs.
In the years 1969-1970, the personnel Iggy and the Stooges are often gathered together in an apartment. At that time, there has been no DVD and internet. So to kill time, they play around with heroin.

Somehow, the game turned into a race charades blood spurt. Youth meets the floor and walls of apartments with blood spots, you can imagine what his form? At that time, Iggy severely addicted to heroin.

6. Nikki Sixx
I wonder what went wrong from that era. There is no wi-fi connection, perhaps. It looks at the era not much to do except get drunk or playing heroin, especially typical rockstar.

Nikki Sixx, Motley Crue bassist, clearly meets these criteria. In one occasion, he nearly killed himself by sucking too much heroin. Sixx was not breathing a few minutes, so that the paramedics were immediately called and provide assistance to wear defibrillator (defibrillator paddles).
Sixx heart rate back after twice struck. Shortly, bravely, after his consciousness back the rockstar was again sucked heroin.
Maybe then hallucinations made him feel like a Superman.

7. Eric Clapton
Revered as one of the best guitarists of all time, Eric Clapton spent a lot of time early in his career with alcohol and heroin, as the supply will run out tomorrow.

“It was the era of post-psychedelia and then, you are expected to get drunk when up on stage. I remember lying on the stage with a mike stand next to me, and no one told me to go down,” said Clapton, recalled.
Actually, when it is precisely the audience considers very cool Clapton