Marriage Goddamn

Getting married is one of the biggest in almost all affairs of life, and usually women are always the fear of the little things until the wedding is over. However, unlike the damnable marriage Maria Vittoria dal Pozzo, Princess della Cisterna 6th much, much worse.

When Prince Amedeo of Savoy announced that he would marry Maria, King Victor Emmanuel II of Italy it did not approve of the marriage. For one reason, he thought his son could get a good-looking woman who is better than “noblewoman” is. Secondly, the choice of the child is not a descendant of King Victor kingdom. Basically, King Victor is a man who has high standards.

Nevertheless, Prince Amedeo I married Princess Maria on May 30, 1867 in an event that could be called as the most cursed wedding in history.
On the day of the wedding, the wedding party to find women who are responsible for making clothes princess died by wearing the wedding dress. Then, Maria superstitious insist to marry with different dresses.

Then, when a wedding party was on its way from the palace to the church, the procession led the colonel who fell from his horse and died of sunstroke (heart attack caused by sunlight). Once they find a replacement for the colonel, the convoy stopped again at the gates of the palace, which for some reason refuses to open. Assigned gatekeeper lying dead covered by a lot of blood.

Soon after the wedding, the best man salute to the couple by shooting himself in the head. The group quickly went to the train station, maybe they want to ride the train to go out of town. The man who wrote the marriage contract also experienced “interference apoplexy,” massive internal bleeding – usually in the brain – which almost led to death. After that, the head of the train station is attracted by the bridal carriage.

At this point, King Victor Emmanuel II realized that this marriage will burden him with funeral expenses, and ordered that no one is using the train and instead walk silently back to the palace before the gods are aware that there are other people who forget to be killed. Cancellation is running very well until the Prince of Castiglione also dragged down the bridal carriage.

The prince was the last one died, but unlucky marriage between Maria Vittoria dal Pozzo and Prince Amadeo I did not officially end until ten years later when Princess Maria died after complications during childbirth at age 29. mengenal adonan royal pastry dan kegunaannya untuk membuat hot pudding