1. Ice Man Damned

Oetzi, or human ice, as he was known, was found on the summit of Mount between Austria and Italy in 1991. Over the next 13 years, seven of which relate to temuannnya, were killed. In some cases, their deaths seem like ordinary death, but the death of four of them quite bizarre or tragic. www.pastrytandatanya.com

The first death occurred in 1992 when Rainer Henn, the forensic pathologist who save Oetzi into a body bag with his bare hands, were killed in a car crash on the way to a world conference to discuss the Ice Man. Next, Kurt Fritz, the mountain guide who led Henn to Oetzi, and the open face of Oetzi, died buried by landslides. Number three, whose mem-movie-the discovery of Oetzi, died of a brain tumor. www.pastrytandatanya.com

The list of victims is getting creepy: Helmut Simon, who with his wife was the one who first discovered the Ice Man, disappeared for 8 days in 2004. When his body was found face down in a pile of ice, where he had fallen from the cliffs as high as 300 feet. Dieter Warnecke, head of the rescue team that discovered Helmut, died from a heart attack after the burial Helmut Sjam. www.pastrytandatanya.com

Man number six, Konrad Spindler, died from complications caused by Multiple Sclerosis six months after the quotation propagated “In my opinion, this incident just rubbish. This is only made in the media only. You will say that I’m the next victim. ”  www.pastrytandatanya.com

The seventh and last (so far) is 2005: Tom Loy, a scientist who discovered human blood on the clothing and weapon Oetzi died of a blood disease derivative. These events are usually considered to be nothing more than a natural death, but not if the fact that he was diagnosed in 1992, one year after starting work with the Ice Man. Based on these events, maybe you will become the next victim for reading this article! www.pastrytandatanya.com

Evidence shows that the Ice Man experienced violent end, shot with an arrow before the head slap hard. So basically, Oetzi is a classic murder victims are left in the mountains to become a mummy in an unmarked grave. www.pastrytandatanya.com

2. Tomb Goddamn

Of course, if you want a story about a mummy’s curse is large, you need a history that is absolutely horrible as eating cursed East. East (8 April 1336 – February 18, 1405), known as Tamerlane, was a conqueror region of West Asia, South and Central from Turkey, and the founder of the Timurid dynasty (1370-1405) in Central Asia, and grandfather very, very noble of Babur , founder of the Mughal dynasty, which survives as the Mughal Empire in India until 1857. www.pastrytandatanya.com

After earning a great King (Great Khan) in 1369, the East launched a horrific campaign of Persia to Russia South East that could make proud grandfather Genghis – make a pyramid of 70 thousand human skulls in North India, probably because he was tired of carrying all the bodies. www.pastrytandatanya.com

When East died in 1405, he was interred in the complex Gur-e Amir in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. A plate of green jade magnificent once used as the throne Kabek Khan placed around the tomb East and covered with Arabic writing about how great the Mongols of this, and, to make sure no one is bothering corpse East, the words “When I got up from the grave, the world will tremble “, reminds us with a forecast of Vigo in the film Ghostbusters II. www.pastrytandatanya.com

Sure enough, in 1941, Stalin sent the archaeologist Mikhail Mikhaylovich Gerasimov East to dig graves. Remember about archaeological breakthroughs in Tanis and Iskenderun? www.pastrytandatanya.com

According Kaumov, the local Uzbek parents are very angry with the excavation: “The old man showed us a book that said that East tomb should not be opened, because it could trigger a war. At that time I was young and not very wise. I do not pay much attention to the incident. On June 21, we dismantle East skull. Then, on June 22 began the war with Germany. ” www.pastrytandatanya.com

In other words, less than 24 hours after opening the graves which threatened to “make the world tremble” when disturbed, soldiers Stalin saw Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa: most attacks in the largest and most brutal World War II. www.pastrytandatanya.com

After the loss of millions of Soviet soldiers and citizens, the Russians eventually East returns to his grave in the manner fully Islamic funeral on December 20, 1942. At the same time on the other side of the country, Operation Winter Storm (Operation Winter Storm), effort Germany’s last to flee from the destruction of Stalingrad, failed. www.pastrytandatanya.com

Warning to readers hajingfai to stay away from the tomb of the East. And send some flowers to www.pastrytandatanya.com
archaeological had a brilliant idea to restore the relics of the East in a timely manner so as to prevent the Nazis won World War II. Whoever it. www.pastrytandatanya.com

3. Musicians Goddamn

Although you do not recognize this term, “27 Club” (27 clubs) in relation to some of those who almost never hear that. Know Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain? The fifth character is famous not only because it has become an icon of the generation and culture, but they are also equally well known for choosing died at age 27. www.pastrytandatanya.com

Jones drowned in a pond, shortness of breath Hendrix, Joplin overdose of heroin, Morrison likely the same as Joplin and Cobain shot his own face (Ok, maybe a little sneaky Cobain intentionally killed himself). However, it was only 5 of the most famous cases. In fact, there are 41 members of the so-called 27 Club, it all started from Alexandre Levy, who died in January 1892. www.pastrytandatanya.com
Then Louis Chauvin, ragtime musician, died in 1908 due to Neurosyphillitic sclerosis. www.pastrytandatanya.com

And then there was Robert Johnson, the man believed to be the inventor of the blues, who died at age 27 in 1938. There is a legend that Johnson sold his soul to Satan or we call it the Devil in order to create great music, so maybe the Devil is considered the age of 27 is the age the right to be taken. www.pastrytandatanya.com

The most recent person in the list of 27 Club, musicians from Zambia named Lily Tembo, was killed in September 2009. There seems to be something like a silver lining to all these events where these stars can not live long enough. www.pastrytandatanya.com

4. Marriage Goddamn

Getting married is one of the biggest in almost all affairs of life, and usually women are always the fear of the little things until the wedding is over. However, unlike the damnable marriage Maria Vittoria dal Pozzo, Princess della Cisterna 6th much, much worse. www.pastrytandatanya.com

When Prince Amedeo of Savoy announced that he would marry Maria, King Victor Emmanuel II of Italy it did not approve of the marriage. For one reason, he thought his son could get a good-looking woman who is better than “noblewoman” is. Secondly, the choice of the child is not a descendant of King Victor kingdom. Basically, King Victor is a man who has high standards. www.pastrytandatanya.com

Nevertheless, Prince Amedeo I married Princess Maria on May 30, 1867 in an event that could be called as the most cursed wedding in history.
On the day of the wedding, the wedding party to find women who are responsible for making clothes princess died by wearing the wedding dress. Then, Maria superstitious insist to marry with different dresses. www.pastrytandatanya.com

Then, when a wedding party was on its way from the palace to the church, the procession led the colonel who fell from his horse and died of sunstroke (heart attack caused by sunlight). Once they find a replacement for the colonel, the convoy stopped again at the gates of the palace, which for some reason refuses to open. Assigned gatekeeper lying dead covered by a lot of blood. www.pastrytandatanya.com

Soon after the wedding, the best man salute to the couple by shooting himself in the head. The group quickly went to the train station, maybe they want to ride the train to go out of town. The man who wrote the marriage contract also experienced “interference apoplexy,” massive internal bleeding – usually in the brain – which almost led to death. After that, the head of the train station is attracted by the bridal carriage. www.pastrytandatanya.com

At this point, King Victor Emmanuel II realized that this marriage will burden him with funeral expenses, and ordered that no one is using the train and instead walk silently back to the palace before the gods are aware that there are other people who forget to be killed. Cancellation is running very well until the Prince of Castiglione also dragged down the bridal carriage. www.pastrytandatanya.com

The prince was the last one died, but unlucky marriage between Maria Vittoria dal Pozzo and Prince Amadeo I did not officially end until ten years later when Princess Maria died after complications during childbirth at age 29. www.pastrytandatanya.com

5. Number Goddamn

Mobile phones can be a curse for some reason, from text message spam that does not end up to ringing in the middle jewel theft. But at least, the phone can not kill you.
Unless the number 0888-888-888.

The numbers originally issued in Bulgaria in the early 2000s and has passed through several hands. Every person who has it, died. www.pastrytandatanya.com

The number comes from Mobitel, a telephone company in Bulgaria, and until today, the number has been taking 3 lives. In 2001, the original owner and CEO of Mobitel Vladimir Grashnov killed by cancer. The numbers are then given to a mafia boss named Konstantin Dimitrov, who was shot dead while eating dinner with a model in 2003. Lastly, this number reaches the businessman named Konstantin Dishliev who was shot outside a typical Indian restaurant in the capital Bulgaris in 2005. www.pastrytandatanya.com

Both Constantine are criminals (the first was the mafia boss and the second is a businessman corrupt drug company) and possibly killed by the Russians who do not like competition, but there was something creepy about the two people who have the same name in terms of similarity of businesses that both died in the same way at the same location when carrying a mobile phone with the same number. www.pastrytandatanya.com

Since then Mobiltel has revoked numbers without bound. When asked about the sequence of events, representatives of Mobiltel answered “We have no comment. We will not discuss the number of people. www.pastrytandatanya.com