Musicians Goddamn

Although you do not recognize this term, “27 Club” (27 clubs) in relation to some of those who almost never hear that. Know Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain? The fifth character is famous not only because it has become an icon of the generation and culture, but they are also equally well known for choosing died at age 27.

Jones drowned in a pond, shortness of breath Hendrix, Joplin overdose of heroin, Morrison likely the same as Joplin and Cobain shot his own face (Ok, maybe a little sneaky Cobain intentionally killed himself). However, it was only 5 of the most famous cases. In fact, there are 41 members of the so-called 27 Club, it all started from Alexandre Levy, who died in January 1892.
Then Louis Chauvin, ragtime musician, died in 1908 due to Neurosyphillitic sclerosis.

And then there was Robert Johnson, the man believed to be the inventor of the blues, who died at age 27 in 1938. There is a legend that Johnson sold his soul to Satan or we call it the Devil in order to create great music, so maybe the Devil is considered the age of 27 is the age the right to be taken.

The most recent person in the list of 27 Club, musicians from Zambia named Lily Tembo, was killed in September 2009. There seems to be something like a silver lining to all these events where these stars can not live long enough. analisis penyebab kegagalan dalam proses pembuatan kue sus atau choux pastry