Number Goddamn

Mobile phones can be a curse for some reason, from text message spam that does not end up to ringing in the middle jewel theft. But at least, the phone can not kill you.
Unless the number 0888-888-888.

The numbers originally issued in Bulgaria in the early 2000s and has passed through several hands. Every person who has it, died.

The number comes from Mobitel, a telephone company in Bulgaria, and until today, the number has been taking 3 lives. In 2001, the original owner and CEO of Mobitel Vladimir Grashnov killed by cancer. The numbers are then given to a mafia boss named Konstantin Dimitrov, who was shot dead while eating dinner with a model in 2003. Lastly, this number reaches the businessman named Konstantin Dishliev who was shot outside a typical Indian restaurant in the capital Bulgaris in 2005.

Both Constantine are criminals (the first was the mafia boss and the second is a businessman corrupt drug company) and possibly killed by the Russians who do not like competition, but there was something creepy about the two people who have the same name in terms of similarity of businesses that both died in the same way at the same location when carrying a mobile phone with the same number.

Since then Mobiltel has revoked numbers without bound. When asked about the sequence of events, representatives of Mobiltel answered “We have no comment. We will not discuss the number of people.  resep sugar dough adonan dasar untuk membuat pie dan tartlet yang manis