Daftar Harga Vga Nvidia Dibawah 2 Juta

Vga computer stands for Video Graphics Accelerator is a hardware with the ability to be able to perform rendering or processing in the form of visual output to be displayed on the monitor. So the task of these devices to display images / visuals to monitor. If you want to make a computer assembly for games, multimedia hardware designer or you must have this one, because the hardware is very supportive on the display monitor.

Function Computer Vga

Vga computer function is to convert or translate the digital signals from the computer to the monitor to display graphics. Pursuant to its function it can be seen that this tool creates output to the monitor is therefore obligatory for you to use this hardware to play games, drawing or designing.

Type Vga Computer

In view of the computer vga shape is divided into two types, namely on board and add-onn. Vga on board can be encountered or found in a series motherboard itself as one package. Performen of kind on board itself is actually pretty good if you do not do high-level graphics processing such as 3D gaming.

Daftar Harga Vga Nvidia Dibawah 2 Juta

Vga hardware add-on is separately attached to the graphics card slot on the motherboard or so-called VGA Card. This type is particularly suitable for processing high-level graphics such as 3D gaming, drawing edit movies and create graphic design. But you must pay attention to the ability or perfomen of add-on graphics card if you intend to use it. As the material to determine the ability of Video Graphics Accelerator read articles about computer assembly and you also must pay attention to its power supply.
VGA type Computer Based Memory Used

This type is divided into five types:
The graphics card by using memory DRAM (Dynamic RAM) has a speed of 80ns or 70 ns, there is also the MD-RAM (Multiple Dynamic RAM) having a DRAM (Dynamic RAM) plated. DRAM (Dynamic RAM) are used by the VGA card 8, 16 or 32-bit. The use of DRAM (Dynamic RAM) is intended for entry-level computer does not necessarily need high-speed color and graphics in merendering.
The graphics card using EDO RAM memory has a speed of 60 ns to 35 ns, EDO RAM can be easily found on the VGA card 64-bit.
The graphics card by using VRAM (video RAM) has a speed of 20 or 10 ns, VRAM (video RAM) more expensive than DRAM because of its speed to do the rendering. The use of VRAM (video RAM) is typically used for high-level computer or for graphic design.
The graphics card by using SGRAM (Synchronous Graphics RAM) has a speed of less than 10 ns, SGRAM SDRAM developed based on computer memory. SGRAM (Synchronous Graphics RAM) is widely used for Video Graphics Accelerator card that has the ability of high-class 3D accelerator.
RAMBUS graphics card using very few, usually Video Graphics Accelerator card manifold RAMBUS used by gaming consoles such as Nintendo or Sega.

Types of Slot Vga Computer

To install the VGA computer, there are several types of forms that slot in the motherboard, the following types of peripheral slots for installing graphics cards:
ISA graphics card is a type of Video Graphics Accelerator card that is inserted in the expansion slots ISA (Industry Standard Architecture) bus is still bersistemkan I / O 8-bit or 16-bit.
EISA is the kind of graphics card Video Graphics Accelerator card is installed in the expansion slots EISA (Extended Industry Standard Architecture) bus is a 32-bit I / O system.
Grafs PCI card is a type of Video Graphics Accelerator card is installed in the expansion slots PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) bus is 32-bit or 64-bit I / O system.
AGP graphics card is a type of Video Graphics Accelerator card that plugged into the expansion slot AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) bus is 128-bit or 256-bit system I / O.
Graphics card PCI Express (PCIe) is a type of Video Graphics Accelerator card that is inserted in the expansion slot PCIe (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) bus which is berangkaian series I / O system with its transfer speed is reached up to 32 GByte / s.

How To Know VGA Computer Specs

There are two easy ways to find out the spec of the computer vga namely:
1. Using software CPU-Z
By using CPU-Z is all vga specifications can be easy to get. Would you please first download CPU-Znya. Just look for the link on google. Below is a look at CPU-Z

check Vga Computer
2. Using DiretX
Do the following
Open Run by means of push buttons Windows + R on the keyboard simultaneously.
Type dxdiag then click OK or Enter.
Click the Display tab, then it would seem Video Graphics Accelerator information from you.

That’s all I can devote to my friends about Vga computer. May be useful.