Matt emulsion – paint the walls that create a cool interior walls

Basic water-based emulsions is very appropriate for the function of the interior walls. Available in a variety of resistance levels, including the final outcome mouth durable topnotch ideal for space that is not uncommon crossed as corridors or children’s bedrooms. These emulsions as well as very good for disguising the surface that is not perfect, such as the elderly or in residential areas You just take off the wallpaper. You are ready to give a touch to the matt wall in a breeze, and many of them were able to be washed then you can also clean up the wall.
Matt – giving the end result that the leading edge of the interior wall

Here’s hoping that you’ll need if matt actual end result. harga cat exterior Appears to be flat – almost like chalk – rather than the standard matt. Although the average time required to style property, the result is very ideal results if you want to create the appearance of topnotch leading edge in occupancy You.
Cat along the soft sheen – give soft glow to the interior wall

If by You paint exceeded shiny silk, soft sheen which is auspicious choice between practicality and appearance that good.
Mengkilap- very cool Cat For room who do not rarely passed by not a few people.

Together with the sheen of eminence in the whole wall paint, paint with lightly glazed able to clean, making it ideal For crowded room that should not rarely cleaned. You are also going to use it For highlighting subtle ways traditional features such as wainscoting and ceiling above.
Basic water-based eggshell – paint a very cool sizzler For wall in the kitchen and bathroom

This paint has a luster that is dim and damp resistant and therefore highly appropriate name wall in the kitchen and bathrooms, and for painting wood, kitchen cabinets and furniture. Results result durable pass easily create polished and updated.
Eggshell made basic solvent – paint a very cool interior sizzler For wood & iron

These paints may only be used on timber and iron in place harga cat exterior. Durability is ideal for creating paint the window frames.
Satinwood – For wood interior is very cool

Satinwood brighter than eggshell and that is that appropriate selection if you want to achieve the end result that the sheen For wood in the interior.
Gloss (gloss) – gave a sparkling appearance to the wood & iron

Gloss has a sheen of moderate to high and is the headliner for the choice of wood and iron. Want more directly in the paint? Consider the option of one-layer paint or non-drip.
High gloss (very shiny) – For super cool wood in interior and exterior

Cat who bully this shiny set of outcomes such as a mirror that looks very, very cool completely For wood type and will be used either interior or exterior. This paint can highlight any design feature. Choosing a basic water-based gloss paint for indoor projects and use basic oil-based paint for outdoor projects. The final result of the average gloss For most lightly to keep clean because the dirt was so attached and lightly cleaned.