Good tile Criteria and Quality
Selecting roofing or tile is not easy, especially many types of tile on the market, such as metal roof, concrete roof tiles, traditional tile (clay), asphalt tile, ceramic tile etc. Yet it is precisely in this area you have to do a wise decision of a lifetime.
Good tile is a tile that can surely meet the expectations of consumers towards their needs. What are the criteria of good and quality tile? can be seen from several aspects:

Functional aspect: No leaking and strong and provide a sense of security and comfort.

In terms of aesthetics: Form tile precision (no deformation / meleot) so it looks neat when installed must also be resistant to all weather, does not fade and does not fade.

In terms Durability (Life time): Durable and long lasting in a period of decades both functional and aesthetic.
Therefore the selection of the right roof covering, will determine the strength and durability of the roof. What should be considered when choosing the roof covering / tile?

Shaping Material Tile
In the market we can find tiles made of various types of materials, where each has its own characteristics. No material after a certain period of time there will be cracked or corroded even there the material is also harmful to health.
To see the tile material that either of us could see roofs on old buildings such as castles in Japan or China, joglo Java, which has hundreds of years old. These buildings using ceramic tiles, and to this day remain durable tiled although the technology used at the time of manufacture is simple. harga genteng beton murah
Ceramic tile can have the long life time as a result of the production process through high temperature incineration, generally 700 to 1,100 degrees Celsius so that in can be made from ceramic tile stable and consistent.

Material Color Tile
There are two ways of coloring tile, namely:
* Using the paint as a dye tile.
Each painted items will generally require repainting for a certain period because there is the risk of discoloration. This of course requires recurring costs and wasted time.
* Using a dye material called glazing
On glazed ceramic tile color coating process conducted in parallel with the manufacture of the tile body which is then burned to a high temperature so that the glazing blend with the tile surface color will not change, and does not fade for a period of decades.
Kanmuri is a glazed ceramic tile is made from the best selection of material produced with modern technology, through the process of burning up to temperatures of 1,100 degrees cels, and controlled computer system to produce consistent color and a quality product.
In the ceramic tile, the higher the combustion temperature, the better its quality. Currently there are many ceramic tile is burned under the temperature of 1,000 degrees.
In addition, in every stage of the process, always carried a strict quality control in order to really produce high-quality ceramic tiles and precision, color consistent, easy to install and tidy harga genteng beton murah
To provide more flexibility to the consumers choice, Kanmuri produce two tile profiles are Profile ESPANICA to classic designs and Profile MILENIO for contemporer design.
Each profile has a very complete range of colors that can be matched to the design and function of the existing building, also serve ordering special color according to customer wishes, of course with a certain quantity.
For market differentiation, Kanmuri always do Continues Development especially in accessories that range is the most complete Kanmuri accessories for all purposes roof design detail, which is not owned by any other brand. Completeness of accessories is very supportive once the functional tile and become a SOLUTION for consumers in solving msalah roof is often the case,
Supported also part technical support ready to assist consumers in calculating the tile requirements and provide training for implementers in the field on pemasangan.genteng is good and right.
Wise in choosing tile to avoid the repair of tile into a routine event in the rainy season. Tile leak due to cracking and color fastness can happen anytime.
In principle, the purchase of tile is Decision One time, for a very long time. The wrong decision will lead to far greater costs to fix it.