Harga genteng metal Like the hair, tile is the crown of the house. Tile located at the very top of the house, protect the house and its contents from the impending threat of such hot sun, pouring rain, even the collapse of the tree. Tile also will be the first part of what you see when someone looked at your house. For that election and tile maintenance is very important, both in terms of protection and aesthetic architecture of the house.

There are some tips that may be useful in selecting the most suitable tile for your home. Consider the following:

Harga genteng metal

Tips for Choosing a Good Tile
1. Select the type of tile that matches the design of our homes. Colors like black, gray and blue, fits better berdesign minimalist home. While the classic berdesign home can choose the tile colors orange or maroon.

2. Determine the slope angle of 30 degrees, which is the inclination angle suggested by all spec tile, if it should be less than 30 degrees because of the situation that is not possible we recommend choosing a cover of metal (metal roof) can guarantee security against tampias on sloping angle.

3. Select a tile in accordance with the finances you have. How to calculate it is to ask the seller the price of tiles per square meter. So it will be easier to measure.

4. The materials are best for tile is made from the ground. Tile made of very soft ground, so as not to burden the walls and foundation of the house was too heavy and not too hot.

5. Avoid heavy tile and has a layer of cement. Because the cement layer can be easily eroded by rain water that eventually could lead to leakage. Do not want to just have a leaky home everywhere?

6. Choose a tile that has a lid for both home located in the region with high rainfall. Do not use tiles with minimal power cap, as well as tile Plentong, because it is very risky tampias.

7. Special tile soil / ceramics, tap the tile that you will buy, tile that had been burned completely will generate clink.

8. Choose a smaller tile for a small house and a large tile for a large house. For the aesthetic beauty of the exterior design of your home.

9. Test the strength of the tile by placing it on a flat surface and then trampled. If a good quality tile, the tile will not break when stepped on by an adult.

Good luck.