harga genteng beton murah – How much is the price of tile now? If you are planning to replace the roof of the house or might want to create a new building, the cost of a roof tile should really be considered. Not just prioritizing design as supporting beauty, but are also required to be considered by their resilience.

harga genteng beton murah

Over the past few months, the price is likely to be stable, so no need to worry about the range of costs involved. But still needed some comparison of each type and brand in the planning process so that later do not complicate calculations. In addition, there are several types of tiles are commonly used by the people of Indonesia to the difference in price and quality, for example, asbestos tile, roofing GoGreen wave, Spandeck roofing, ceramic tile, metal tile, and clay tile. Which one is better?

Determining the Type of tile
The initial step is to determine the type of tile that will be used by the material. As much as possible avoid the use of asbestos tile to the main building. The reason for this tile has the potential to cause health problems as a result of the fibers are easily spread and can lead to cancer risk. Indeed, asbestos tile cheaper price than others. However, in order to avoid health hazards, consider other options. After all, there are many types of tile are safe and can be purchased at an affordable price.

If you wish to install any glass tile can only be in certain parts, such as in a special room that is very closed from the sun rays. The price is also relatively but if one memiluh products can actually cracked or broken due to temperature and weather extremes.

Another consideration is ceramic tile. This type of tile has the advantage in terms of strength that could even support the weight of a human. But because of the material and the manufacturing process is quite complicated, the price is much more expensive ceramic tile. If the degree of slope is not precise, the risk of rainwater leakage could occur.

The next type of tile is made from metal. The characters are very strong and almost like a sheet of zinc. You can choose the thickness and varying lengths. In terms of design, the type of tile is more often attract attention because it consists of a variety of colors and patterns. Installation process is also very easy and fast by using screws. Anti-rust coated by material, type of tile is increasingly popular and the public interest. Some other advantages are not easily leak, do not cause hot temperatures, anti-mildew, and can be colored over. Today, the price of metal roof is also more affordable so quite often prioritized other than clay tile.

The final choice and is still very often used is clay tile. Until now, the price of clay roof tiles to be a factor why most people use. Cost affordable yet reliable durability. The price range of this type of tile count for the month of September 2015 is as follows:

Plentong tile Papak: 1,350 rupiah per share.
Plentong tile Round: 1,350 rupiah per share.
Tile Frog: 1,880 rupiah per share.
Tile Magas: 1,550 rupiah per share.
Morando tile Natural: 2,650 rupiah per share.
Morando tile glazing: 7,000 rupiah per share.
Krepus tile Papak: 6,000 rupiah per share.
Krepus tile Taper: 6,000 rupiah per share.
Krepus tile Round: 6,000 rupiah per share.
During the planning of development projects roof, adjust with the building area to the difference in each side. It was to create building standards with proper roof protection system and really good quality.