Take the time to taste the goods up the mountain. That’s the advice from the author of the book Mountain Climbing for Everybody, Harley Bayu Sastha. In each journey, hikers are advised to bring a load-third of their body weight, about 15-20 kilograms.

Harga Jaket Gunung Eiger Terbaru

To achieve the inherent weight, the climbers have to sort out their gear. According to Harley, there are a number of things that must be taken when climbing.

1. Shoes boots
Shoes made of leather or canvas is highly recommended in mountain climbing. Moreover, when the anti-water. “To be sure, look for thick-skinned shoes so as not easily torn in the course,” Harley said in his book.

Shoes with thick end is also very helpful. Because, to protect the toes if tripped. In addition, choose footwear with soles that is capable of gripping the ground to avoid tidah easily slip. “Ventilation holes on the shoes is also good for climbing.”

2. Socks
Socks is necessary to avoid blisters. Use two pairs of socks on every trip. First, wear wool socks that warms the feet, then synthetic socks that absorb sweat.

3. Pants
For climbing, it’s good use of lightweight pants, such as made of thin cotton can absorb sweat. Besides easy to dry, these pants do not add to the weight even in wet conditions. “Bring your pants wind and water proof, very useful when it rains,” he said.

4. Wear cotton
Besides trousers, cotton shirts are also comfortable to wear and absorbs perspiration. Provide also clothes made of wool and long-sleeved flannel shirt. This outfit is able to keep warm.

5. Jackets
Harga Jaket Gunung Eiger Terbaru – This thing that should never be missed. Should bring a light jacket, but strong and warm. If no, bring a wool sweater. “Wind and waterproof jacket is also required to be carried off when climbing a mountain,” said Harley.

6. Hats and gloves
In addition to warm, these two objects can protect the skin from injury from thorns, twigs, or sharp rocks. Hats, such as jungle hat, was able to close the head from heat and rain.

7. Flashlight and knife
At the time of carrying a flashlight, do not forget to prepare a backup battery. In addition, it is recommended to bring different types of knives: multipurpose pocket knife, machete knives, and knives waist.

8. Bedding
For the rest of activities, take one pair of special clothing, including socks. Pouch mattresses and mattress also needs to be taken as bedding. This tool is required so that the climbers can rest in a clean condition until the disease is not easy.

9. Supplies of cooking
Lighters, spirit, paraffin, pans, spoons, cups, dishes and cookware field is mandatory trafficked objects when climbing. Likewise with 1-2 liters of clean water. However you do not have to carry this thing in the backpack itself. But can share it with a companion.

10. navigation devices and drugs
You do not have to carry any medication. Quite common drugs, such as bandages, iodine, or plaster, cough medicine and diarrhea, as well as personalized medicine.